Titwala (Marathi: टिटवाळा) is a small town near Kalyan in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is situated at the banks of the seasonal river Kalu. Titwala covers an area of 507.881 hectares with a population of 1,485 (per the Census of 1971). According to legend, this village was part of Dandakaranya forest where the Katkari tribe lived (the tribal hamlets are located even now close to the town across the Kalu river, approached only by boats).

Popular Places


Shri Mahaganapati Temple

The Siddhivinayaka Mahaganapati Temple is located in Titwala. Titwala is believed to be the putative site of the hermitage of sage Kanva, foster parent of Shakuntala who was born here. The place is steeped in ancient legend and the temple is frequented by a very large number of devotees on account of the belief that separated married couples could be united and marriages of desired people could be fixed easily if the Ganesha image installed in the temple is worshipped with devotion.


Kalu River

The Kalu river, is a small river that flows close to Titwala in its upstream reaches. The Kalu River also flows close to Ambivali, a little farther from Titwala. This river after flowing westwards, in its downstream, receives the small Bhtsal River, which in turn joins the Ulhas River near Kalyan, an industrial suburb of Mumbai. In its further course of 45 kilometres (28 mi), the river receives effluents from several industrial units.